Uzi Solo

Introducing the Demili-Art Uzi Solo: Nothing but the Uzi for wall mounting

This piece captures the raw shape and stature of this demilitarized Uzi.

The Uzi submachine gun is a well-known firearm that originated in Israel in the 1950s. It was designed by Uziel Gal, an Israeli gun designer, and was first introduced into the Israeli Defense Forces in 1954. The Uzi quickly became a popular firearm due to its compact size, versatility, firepower and ease of use.

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We carefully transform these historic parts, incorporating the torch-cut destroyed pieces of the receiver to create works of art that showcase both their former mechanical beauty and the ethereal allure brought forth by the destruction. The result is a collection of truly exceptional masterpieces, where each piece bears the mark of history and carries a unique story to be discovered.

Each piece has it's own factory serial number and parts directly from Israel with the exception of the barrel which is US made due to import regulations.

The work mounts securely to your wall with a thin French cleat design allowing for a tactile experience of feeling the history as well as a visual one.