Our Story

Demili-Art is the visionary creation of artist and consumer product development expert, Arthur Schawbel. With a deep passion for history, machinery, art, and the captivating narratives of firearms, Schawbel embarked on a transformative journey that gave rise to Demili-Art. This endeavor seamlessly combines his artistic sensibility, inventive spirit, and the transformative power of art.

At the core of Demili-Art lies a profound recognition of the hands that once held these weapons - their commitment, sacrifices, and stories. Each Demili-Art piece encapsulates the essence of these narratives, breathing new life into demilitarized firearms and transforming them into extraordinary works of art that transcend their original purpose. Inspired by the philosophy of Kintsugi, each creation becomes a visual metaphor, embracing imperfections and finding beauty in the brokenness of our past, resonating with a deep sense of redemption.

Demili-Art merges history, art, and philosophy into a captivating fusion. It invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between destruction and creation, scars and beauty, as they engage with the pieces crafted by Arthur Schawbel. Weaving together the rich tapestry of human experiences and emotions, bridging the gap between past and present, and inspiring profound conversations that transcend time.

Join us as we redefine the perception of demilitarized firearms and embark on a profound artistic odyssey. Demili-Art invites you to a world where the richness of history and the redemptive nature of art intertwine, offering a thought-provoking journey through the transformative magic of art.